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Our Latest News and Event information. Details of Up and Coming Promotional Days, Hospital Visits, Awards and Announcements of recent competition winners!

Wolverhampton ... read more

HMP/YOI Swinfen Hall
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Aintree Hospital
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Committed to Excellence’ staff awards evening At The Dudley Group NHS
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Milton Keynes Open Day... read more

Northumberland, Tyne and Wear.. read more

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Proud of Aintree Excellence Awards...read more


Barts Health NHS Trust
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More Winners
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A Recent competiton winner..read more

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Cheltenham & Gloucester... read more

Walsall Healthcare NHS
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Peterborough City Council
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Newham, Whipps Cross & Royal London Sites.. read more

Harrogate..read more

Oscars day in Newcastle..read more

Barts Health Sports Day.. read more

Barts Health NHS Trust..read more

Down at Kings Lynn..read more

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Countess of Chester..
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Chase Farm & Barnet...
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Heatherwood & Wexham Park...
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Freemans... read more

West Hertfordshire Hospitals..read more

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Countess of Chester Little Duck Race...read more

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The Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospital...read more

St Albans...read more

Fantastic Time once again at Harrogate...read more

Shining Star Awards & Cash Prize Winner...read more

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Mid Yorkshire Winner...read more

Slam Competition Winner... read more

Harrogate Winner & A Trip to Aintree Hospital...
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The Red Heart Ball by Lancashire Teaching Hospitals.. read more

An Update From The Countess of Chester (Balloon Race).
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Continued Support & Sponsorship at Bradford District Care Trust.. read more

Recent Competiton Winners... read more

5 Borough Partnership Promoting our Scheme .. read more

A Thank You From The Countess Of Chester.. read more





We recently attended an open day at Central Manchester and we had a great time. The scheme was a success with the staff. We received a letter to say thank you, you can read it by clicking here (pdf format)


Nicola Williams - Holiday - Newcastle
Laura Shewan - TV - Newcastle
Jessica Carling - Holiday - Newcastle
Eliza Khanam - iPad - Royal London
Hayley McCallum - Cash Prize - Whipps Cross
Fumni Sonola - Cash Prize - Royal London
Lorna Creary - Cash Prize - Newham
Lisa Lahiffe - Voucher - Gloucester Royal Hospital
Sharon Salmon - Voucher - Cheltenham General Hospital
Kelly Catchpole- M&S Voucher - Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust
Dawn Horton - M&S Vouchers - Peterborough City Council
Sophie Ward - iPad - Harrogate
June Richards
- Holiday - Barts Health
Margaret Minoletti - Holiday - Barts Health
Agi Nwaohai - Cash Prize - Barts Health
Sharon Graham - Cash Prize - Barts Health
Kalinda Samang -Cash Prize - Sandwell
Darren Smith - Cash Prize - BTC
Kelly Harvey - Cash Prize - City
Parvinda Hussain - Cash Prize - Preston
Gillian Roberts - Cash Prize - Chorley
Matthew Glover - Gallery Hair Raffle Prize -Chorley
Mandy Alders - Gallery Hair Raffle Prize - Chorley
Liz Smith - Cash Prize - Countess of Chester
Julian Thomas - Cash Prize - Swansea
Jane Coates - Cash Prize - Swansea
Rose Marie - Cash Prize - Bridgend
Susanne Jones - Cash Prize - Ebbw Vale
John Inkle - Cash Prize - Chepstow
Sian Williams - Cash Prize - Nevil Hall
Richard Jones - Cash Prize - Royal Gwent
David Miller - Cash Prize - Luton & Dunstable
Matianna Joseph - Cash Prize - Wexham
Deborah Foster - Cash Prize - Heatherwood
Sue Berry - iPad Mini - Mid Yorkshire
Francis Cricklow - iPad Mini - SLAM
Pat Fieldhouse - Cash Prize Winner - Wolverhampton(West Park Rehab Hospital)
Danielle Beard - Cash Prize Winner - Wolverhampton (West Park Rehab Hospital)
Melissa Banks - Cash Prize Winner - Wolverhampton (NewCross)
Jan Bowen - Cash Prize Winner - Wolverhampton (NewCross)
Lauren Hemans - Cash Prize Winner - Wolverhamton (NewCross)
Rita DeRosa - Cash Prize Winner - Wolverhampton (NewCross)
Denise Johnson – Cash Prize Winner - RVI
Ansamma John – Cash Prize Winner - Freeman
Teri Denton iPad 2 Winner - Luton & Dunstable University Hospital
Nicola Francis i Pad 2 Winner - Luton & Dunstable University Hospital
IBI Paul - Worika - I Pad Mini - New Cross Hospital
Cath Williams - Cash Prize Winner - New Cross Hospital
Dawn Cooper - Cash Prize Winner - New Cross Hospital
Pat Fern - Cash Prize Winner - New Cross Hospital
Angela Jones - Cash Prize Winner - New Cross Hospital
Corinne Edwards - Cash Prize Winner - New Cross Hospital
David Grice - Cash Prize Winner - New Cross Hospital
Jayne Whittingham - Cash Prize Winner - New Cross Hospital
Pols Rani Sidhu - Cash Prize Winner - New Cross Hospital
Lesley Vincent - Cash Prize Winner - New Cross Hospital
Parveen Kumar - Cash Prize Winner - New Cross Hospital
Veronica Kay - Cash Prize Winner - Preston
Emma Smith - Cash Prize Winner - Chorley
Laurence Morlaas - Cash Prize Winner - Queen Elizabeth (Kings Lynn)
Swathi Sirpa - Cash Prize Winner - Queen Elizabeth (Kings Lynn)
Zsoh Olah - Cash Prize Winner - Peterborough
Katie Morris - Cash Prize Winner - Wrexham
Einir Magee - Cash Prize Winner - Bangor
David Taylor - Cash Prize Winner - Rhyl
Troy Goldie - Mini Ipad Winner - Barts Health NHS Trust | Whipps Cross Hospital
Sharon Parsons - Cash Prize Winner - Heatherwood
Beebee - Cash Prize Winner - Heatherwood
Sharon Lutkin - iPad 2 Winner - Peterborough City Council
Claire Botton - MOT winner Donated by Swift Car Care - Peterborough City Council
James Fitzgerald - MOT winner Donated by Swift Car Care - Peterborough City Council
.....read more


Dates to be added soon!

Recently Attended Promotional Days 

7/1/14 St Woolas
8/1/14 Griffith Town 
9/1/14 Ystrad fawr
10/1/14 Anievrin bevan
18th December Aintree
4th November Central Manchester Hospital 8th December City of Sunderland Hospitals 12th December, Wolverhampton Hospitals 13th December Kettering General Hospital 14th December Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust 16th December Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust 16th December Camden & Islington Hospitals 19th December Whipps Cross Univeristy Hospitals 9th February Barking Havering & Redbridge 14th February Royal Wolverhampton Hospital 15th February Wolverhampton PCTs 7th March Harrogate & District Hospital 27TH March Dorset County Hospitals 10th April Heatherwood & Wexham Park Hospitals 17th April - City Hospital Sunderland 8th May - Mid Yorkshire Hospitals Trust - Huddersfield Site - staff roadshow 9th May - Mid Yorkshire Hospitals Trust - Huddersfield site - staff roadshow 15th May - Wolverhampton PCT - promotion day 16th May - Royal Wolverhampton Hospital Trust - promotion day 17th May - Wolverhampton PCT - promotion day 4th July - Peterborough & Stamford Hospitals - promotion day 12th July - Chorley HospitalWednesday 18th July - RVI Newcastle - Health & Wellbeing event
23rd & 24th July - Sandwell & Birmingham Trust Promotion Day
26th July - Freeman Hospital Newcastle - Health & Wellbeing event 2nd August - Sandwell & Birmingham Trust promotion day Thursday 23rd August - Preston Hospital
Tuesday 11th September - Roywal Wolverhampton Hospitals - promotion day
Wednesday 12th September - Wolverhampton PCTs - promotion day Saturday 22nd September - Heart of England Foundation Members day
Thursday 4th October - Camden & Ilsington Health & Wellbeing Day
Royal Preston Hospital - Thursday 25th October
Chorley Hospital - Tuesday 30th October
Whiston Hospital - Tuesday 6th November
St Helens Hospital - Wednesday 7th November
Newport Hospital (Anuerin Bevan Health Board) - Tuesday 13th November
Peterborough Hospital-Tuesday 4th December
Sunderland Royal Infirmary- Tuesday 11th December
Cardiff (Heath Hospital) Tuesday 18th December
9th April - Harrogate
10th April - Aintree
16th April - Countess of Chester
17th April - Sunderland
23rd April - Norwich
24th April - Peterbrough
25th April - Stanford Pinderfield Hospital - 2nd May
Wolverhampton Hospitals & PCT - 7th & 8th May
Fieldhead Hospital (Mid Yorks) - 9th May
Castleford Hospital - 14th May
Barnsley Hospital - 15th May
Huddersfield - 16th May
Pinderfield Hospital - 21st May
Huddersfield - 22nd May
Dewsbury - 24th May
Preston Hospital - 28th May
Chorley Hospital - 29th May
Luton & Dunstable Hospital - 4th June
Heatherwood Hospital - 5th June
Wexham Hospital - 6th June
Watford Hospital - 5th June
St Albans - 6th June
Hemel Hempstead - 7th June
Peterborough Hospital - 7th June
Harrogate Hospital - 11th June Norwich Hospital - 18th June
Queen Elizabeth Kings Lynn - 19th & 20th June
Sandwell & West Bromwich Hospital - 25th - 27th June Royal Victoria Infirmary - Wednesday 13th November 2013
Freeman - Thursday 14th November 2013
5/11 Cities Hospital Sunderland
19/11 mid yorks castleford
20/11 mid yorks huddersfield
22/11 mid yorks dewsbury
27/11sandwell birmingham
28/11 BCT birmingham
29/11City birmingham
3/12 chorley
4/12 preston
5/12 countess of chester
10/12 kings lynn
11/12 norwich
12/12 peterborough
13/12 stamford

26/2/15 Peterborugh City Council
10th September - The Atrium, Royal Free Hospital, Hampstead. London 
15th September - The Lawn at the back of the Physiotherapy Dept, Barnet Hospital.
16th September - Barts Health NHS Trust, Leytonston, London
17th September -The Lawn at the back of the Physiotherapy Department, Chase Farm Hospital.